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View Diary: Kai Ryssdal asks Rumsfeld some of the questions we've all wanted to ask (161 comments)

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    Distributes APM materials and gets then heard

    But the saying anything decent about NPR would kill you wouldn't it.  After all if the don't parrot left wing talking pints they're jut corporate shills.  

    Touch all that arises with a spirit of compassion

    by Mindful Nature on Fri May 17, 2013 at 11:46:17 PM PDT

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      I just said something nice about NPR and you made a pathetic comment suggesting that I dislike doing so.  This sounds like trolling to me.

      I doubt that NPR distributes APM; APM is a distributor and doesn't need NPR.  In fact, APM compares the three major public radio disties on its web site:

      American Public Media, National Public Radio and Public Radio International are organizations that produce and/or distribute programming to public radio stations nationwide. They vary in structure and principal activities.

      American Public Media is the nation's largest owner and operator of public radio stations and a premier producer and distributor of programming. It is responsible for programs such as A Prairie Home Companion®, Marketplace® and Performance Today®. Learn more about American Public Media's organizational structure»

      National Public Radio operates a news department, produces Morning Edition® and All Things Considered® and other national programs, distributes a select number of public radio programs produced by member stations, is responsible for the public radio satellite system and represents the political interests of public radio nationally and in Washington, D.C. NPR is governed by a board elected by its member stations.

      Public Radio International is principally a marketer and distributor of programming such as The World® and This American Life®, produced by stations and other independent producers. PRI is also involved in several production partnerships with the BBC and individual public radio stations. PRI is governed by an independent community-based board of directors.

      The PRI info is out of date, btw; it's now owned by Boston's WGBH Educational Foundation.

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