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View Diary: 501(c)4: White (Liar) Affimative Action (11 comments)

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  •  bottom line it is the function of the IRS to grant (0+ / 0-)

    501C status to various organizations and these organizations have to jump through certain hoops in order to retain the advantage of being a nonprofit.  Are the hoops too onerous?  Then go as a for profit.

    TP types got hit by the IRS due to the sudden proliferation of 501C4s following United Citizen among these RW groups and some of these groups were admittedly formed to launder money to RW causes while others were naked attempts to scam the masses.

    Now if the IRS were to overlook these new 501Cs and not weed out the obvious bad actors, then we would hear the GOP screaming about the IRS not doing its job

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