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  •  Well, I've never been one who has (3+ / 0-)
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    been particularly worried about disagreement or fights - it is the quality of the fight - whether or not it is a productive face off and it is possible to advance disagreement in a positive direction.

    I think that the Republicans are rubbing off on everyone - meaning that their tit for tat, superficial style of politics is more the standard than a political style that does have the punch to knock down the opponent, but has a much BIGGER and IMPORTANT GOAL beyond just beating the other political party.  The only reason to knock the opponent down should be to advance productive progress towards better government and a better America.  Seems like people more and more think that just knocking off an opponent is the sum total of the end game.

    The bottom line is that I don't mind a fight if it is about something important, but I don't care for the fights where all we are doing is trouncing someone else - that isn't productive in my opinion.

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