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View Diary: Charles Blow, NYTimes: Americans Yawning at GOP Phony Scandals (156 comments)

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  •  The one thing that worries me (0+ / 0-)

    is that this "scandal" may be an excuse for removing an IRS official who may actually have been trying to go after the big tax dodgers, and actually improve the fiscal condition of our government. A book years ago titled "Red Ink" went into detail about how the IRS doesn't chase people who owe hundreds of millions in back taxes--the Leona Helmsleys of this world. Who tend to be Republicans, by some odd chance, whose philospphy is that OTHER people should pull themselves up by their bootstraps, while the rich are entitled to a free ride. The monopoly status granted major league baseball owners, NFL owners, etc. while the public picks up the tab for new stadiums with skyboxes that only corporations can afford is just another example of inequities in the tax system.

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