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  •  This is amazing education. We used to make jokes (8+ / 0-)

    about right wing nuts who were seen as terrified paranoids for opposing floride in drinking water.  So what happened?  It is lampooned in Dr. Strangelove, the Peter Sellars movie about a launch of nuclear between USA and Russia.

    •  Times have changed (11+ / 0-)

      I can't really speak to changes in the views of a group I don't belong to. (And I know how annoying it is when I read what right-wing people claim to know what I believe.)

      Since the 1950s, there actually has been a lot of research on the effects of fluoride--not just on teeth, which seems to be the only body part of any interest to some advocates--but on the entire rest of the body. The fluoride doesn't go with laser-like precision to teeth, skipping bones, kidneys, pineal gland, and all the rest of the body's many parts. So why would we continue to put this stuff in the water supply?

      Some of the interests affected by decisions about fluoridation:

      The fluoride put into municipal water supplies is not some fancy-dancy medical grade fluoride. It is industrial waste.

      This is industrial waste that the unfortunate owners of the waste are not allowed to dump into rivers or lakes under federal environmental law, or into oceans, under international law.

      Getting rid of it is extremely costly.

      So imagine how delightful it is if municipalities take it off your hands--paying you for it, paying to ship it--so you don't have to come up with a way to legally dispose of it.

      The municipalities buy your waste and put it into the water supply.

      Corporations benefit; governments pay for it.

      Sounds pretty consistent with a lot of conservative ideas to me.

    •  Right Wing Nuts (3+ / 0-)

      Kubrick used the rabid John Birch Campaign against fluoridating our water supply to show how crazy General Ripper had become. The problem was not, as the Birchers believed, that fluoride was a commie plot, instead it was a US Army plot to dispose of the toxic waste fluoride resulting from uranium enrichment. It was easy to make fun of the fanatical Birchers and sell fluoride to the American people.
      Now, of course, it is a by-product of phosphate fertilizer production, the largest producer is Cargill owned Mosaic.

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