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    Horace Boothroyd III

    What do you propose that low-income families do to avoid fluoridation?

    All the solutions you suggest are ones that are not available to most poor families.

    And yet poor children, especially in the African-American and Latino communities, suffer disproportionately from adverse effects of fluoride.

    Wouldn't it be easier for those who want fluoride to simply ingest however much they want?

    Fluoride tablets are tiny compared to gallons of water. Indeed, skip the tablets and just swallow some toothpaste every day.

    Don't let the kids swallow too much: children can get a toxic dose from fluoridated toothpaste.

    I completely support a city council that gives out free fluoride tablets to those who want them. It would be a lot cheaper than buying the industrial waste and infrastructure to add it to the water.

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