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View Diary: Benghazi Talk: Call It Out for What It Is (10 comments)

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  •  I wish I could share your happy view (0+ / 0-)

    Yes, Obama is president, and he's in the White House-- and nobody else can claim that.  All for the good.

    But I think you're missing the bigger picture:  the Republicans have been preventing anything of value from being accomplished, and there's no indication I can see on the horizon that their success in blocking all progress is going to end in the next three and a half years.

    They were disgraceful in opposition in 2009-2010, and they were rewarded for their scandalous behavior by achieving a huge victory in the 2010 elections.

    President Obama managed to take the offensive in much of the 2012 campaign, as he did in 2008, and the Republicans looked to be on the ropes in the aftermath of both elections.

    But then what?  They continue to lie, to violate basic American political traditions, and to do everything they can to make Obama look bad and make the people distrust the government.

    We've got the sequester, and we're coming up to the debt ceiling-- and what sign is there that this dismantling of America will be stopped, or that the wrecking crew that is today's GOP will be punished by the American people for their indifference to the well-being of the nation?

    I have been saying since the 2008 election that Job 1 is to make the Republicans pay a political price for disgraceful behavior.  Unless that job gets done, nothing else will get done.

    He doesn't have to be an attack dog-- others at his bidding can do that.  He doesn't have to come off as an "angry black man."  He's shown that he can throw a jab with finesse.

    What he has not shown is that he understands that this Republican Party treats him as a bitter enemy, whose power they want to strip away, and that he needs to wage his side of the battle with as much determination and intensity as they continually wage theirs.

    •  I disagree about the angry black man concept (0+ / 0-)

      He doesn't have to repeat what I said earlier in an angry voice, although some anger is appropriate.  He just has to repeat the truth in a manner that compels the MSM to pick it up.  He can also use surrogates as Andy indicates in this comment I am responding to.  

      •  Yes, there are countless ways it can be done (0+ / 0-)

        Political communication is as subtle a genre as composing symphonies.  As Beethoven struck many a different note in the course of any given symphony, so a political leader can design a message to do the most good for his purpose and lead to the least damage.  

        FDR was a master at orchestrating with many instruments the message that he was putting out to the American people.
        Lincoln was another such master.

        Neither escaped the hatred of many of their countrymen, but both managed to create a huge following with powerful devotion.  They used the power of that devotion to move the country in a direction it otherwise would not have been able to take.  

        They're ranked # 1 and # 2 –the best-- by historians judging the greatness and terribleness of all the American presidents.  

        Politics is an art form, and as with other art forms, it helps to be a person who embodies something extraordinary that the people in general value.

         FDR was creative and upbeat and game for the fight, while Lincoln was deeply human and humble and compassionate and firm of will once he knew his will.  

        Lincoln was also a master at the composing and delivering of straightforward but powerful and often subtle messages, that rang true in the ears of many of his countrymen.  Well before his assassination he was a moral and spiritual beacon to a great many Americans --including the soldiers in the field-- at a time of profound national trauma.

        Obama has plenty of room to orchestrate a message that will open the eyes of the American people to the atrocity that the once-respectable Republican Party has become.

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