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View Diary: Florida teen brought up on CRIMINAL charges for same-sex relationship (238 comments)

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  •  Yes they are crazy laws (1+ / 0-)
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    First off, they aren't "statutory rape" laws in Florida.  The charge here is lewd or lascivious battery.  

    But the whole idea that consensual sex with a minor should be treated the same as violent non-consensual sex is also crazy.  That doesn't mean it should be legal, just that it isn't the same kind of crime and doesn't warrant the same treatment.  

    In addition, the idea that consensual sex between two minors is a felony is also crazy.

    Some other Florida laws:

    Consensual sex with a minor under 12 is punishable by death.
    Molestation of a minor under 12 is punishable by life imprisonment.
    Adultry is a misdemeanor.
    Lascivious cohabition of an unmarried couple is a misdemeanor.
    Advertising or publishing information as to where an abortion may be obtained is a misdemeanor.

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