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View Diary: New report: More seniors living in poverty, and they want to cut Social Security? (83 comments)

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  •  The answer to the question is yes, "they" want to (24+ / 0-)

    cut social security, because "they" are acting at the behest of their paymasters.  The rich and powerful, the billionaires, like Pete Peterson and the Koch brothers are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to make sure the social safety net is taken down.

    They (and their ilk) are paying off the political establishment of both parties, and they are spreading propaganda through the mainstream media, and they are supporting astroturf "grassroots" groups to move their agenda forward.

    As I always said, I'll sign every petition against this brutality, but I'm afraid it's not enough.

    Unless and until millions of people unite and rise up (peacefully) against the brutal imposition of austerity, TPTB will continue moving their agenda forward, unmolested.

    We will see the Kabuki theater of some marginally effective liberal/progressive politician presenting common sense legislation which will be soundly defeated, over and over again.

    The political system is broken; it's dysfunctional.  We can no longer count on it.  For anything to change (real change), we the people need to unite and take direct action.

    •  "A nation's greatness is measure by how it (3+ / 0-)
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      treats its weakest members."
      Mahatma Ghandi

      As inequity and injustice grows in this nation it steadily declines from greatness.

    •  When the people start to take direct action (0+ / 0-)

      militarized police forces are deployed to blast them with pepper spray, water and sound cannons, and trample them with horses.

      Things will have to get bad enough for people for take direct action despite the security state. Give global warming a couple more decades to do its work and to start creating ecological refugees from the US drought and fire belt, and from the coasts. Canada will have to erect a wall and patrol it with drones to keep all the illegal American immigrants out.

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