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  •  It's May in an odd year. (8+ / 0-)

    Not much election news to be had.

    Besides, one of the few helpful things that a Cheeto-eating, pajama-wearing blogger can do from his/her basement is to debunk a false claim with hard evidence.  False claims are easy to refute, but real journalists won't waste their time.  Meanwhile, the story festers for days or weeks and eventually becomes "real" to some people.  All because no one bothered to blow holes in it.  Within hours of Umbrellagate, pictures of Sarah Palin and former Presidents were posted all over the internet, effectively killing the meme before it got started.  One less distraction for the WH or inane topic for Sunday morning.

    •  It was the same last year, y'know? (0+ / 0-)

      All Mitt all the time.

      & . . .
      By the time these stories get here they've already been debunked somewhere else.

      Yes, we repeat them.  Isn't that awesome of us.

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