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  •  I hope so too - Now I need to look up the word (7+ / 0-)

    "dulcet" now... aah, my dictionary gives me these translations ...  oooohhh no.

    I wonder, if I should come just to see if the sound is really .... oh, my ... DULCET ?

    "köstlich",  (my translation back into English - "delicious"
    "lieblich" (really? .:-) (= mellifluous),
    "melodisch", (so, MB sings too? )
    "süß" (oh no), (=sweet .. agg, are you sure?)
    "duftend" (oh no ... I give it the best translation)(=ambrosial),
    "lind "(=soft-gloved ... this dictionary is so funny),

    "beruhigend" I would take that,
    "angenehm" too.

    So, yes please, take a sound technician with you, I would like to verify the dulcet tones too.

    That was my lunch break. Bye.

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