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View Diary: As the tornado passed, Erick Erickson Tweeted: "I wonder when Obama will find out about Oklahoma." (232 comments)

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  •  That's exactly right. (13+ / 0-)

    He's emotionally immature, but totally lacking in empathy, which is not typical for young kids - they do have an understanding of others' feelings. But his mocking and inability to admit that he did something wrong are juvenile. Maybe he's just a sociopath. He's taking great pleasure in pissing people off. And of course it's even worse because people are already understandably upset about the tragedy. But this is what we have: Erickson is one of the major voices of the right, with his own radio show and commentator jobs on major news networks. Seriously, that makes me sick. Shame on CNN and anyone else who broadcasts this despicable loser.

    •  I've never understood the infantile need some have (6+ / 0-)

      to do things simply because it will upset someone else. There seem to be many who'd cut their own arms off it it would irk a LIBERAL, but this is beyond the pale.

      And bad as EE is, what's worse is how many self-styled Christian folk are pumping their fists and yelling "Right on! Heeeee!" Yep: I'm sure Jesus is simply pleased as punch with them: "I'm Jesus Christ and I approve this message.


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