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View Diary: * New Day * — Sara R Needs Additional NN13 Funding. Mindful Veterans Project Teeshirts! (314 comments)

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  •  For mailing, a PLASTIC cover (11+ / 0-)

    might work.  

    But for storage in a home, please put all textiles in a 100% cotton or canvas container. 100% cotton pillow cases are ideal for this.  

    Then do not store things in a varnished or otherwise finished drawer.  The varnish or furniture finish will transfer to the material and permanently stain the textile, be it a Christening gown, brides dress, quilt, tapestry, etc.  Line drawers (bottom & sides) with shelf paper or acid free paper.  Re-roll or fold item once a year to keep fibers from stressing.

    Best to wrap item in acid free tissue paper and put in acid free box or pillow case.

    Textiles need to BREATHE and be away from strong lights and sunlight.  A sampler my g g grandmother did, is framed in acid free materials, special glass and hung on a west wall, where it's 'back' is facing the afternoon sun.

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