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    Thank You for this post.
    I'm 62, Gay.
    Out & moved to Ca. in 76'
    In '69 there were casts of HAIR in some of the major cities. A friend made the cast, by then it was just if you had a voice.
    I was a sosh (popular, made good grades) Sometimes I'd wear cowboy boots with my sosh clothes.
    Started hanging out with the cast of HAIR. Learned among a hundred thousand other things, NOT to accept being drafted. I was simply LUCKY. I would have been pushed into the service and dead, most likely.
    It's so astonishing how the dots connect over time. Until this post I hadn't realized that HAIR had been the vehicle for Harvey also. How I missed that I do not ditzily know…
    How a simple play, played. Astonishing. It was a different time. [The powers do not forget.] Plays nowadays make one cringe, "Mormon something in the eff" Gays who promote their religious, "BORG" ! You don't mind if I destroy you because YOU ARE bad sex. YES! I mind because I don't do guilty "bad" sex. I abhor you destroying me & other sissies with your just join OUR "BORG" They are a dime a dozen. NO this isn't some Armistead Maupin effin video PLAY, this is gay people being bullied to death by other pseudo {on a MISSIONARY} gays. I.e. Benedict Arnold's. I.e. Jonestown wasn't PRETTY!
    Go to Hell!
    Jonestown, Nov. 18, 1978  /  Harvey Milk,  Nov. 27, 1978
    As painful as it is to remember, I REMEMBER.
    The "current" state of gay politics here in weho, Ca.
    NO! I do not accept your we'll push you to death with Morman effin, gay psuedo christian effin, Elton John eating Lindpuke  s cat  for a million or any other macho PREJUDICE BS.
    Harvey Milk would be pissed!
    Now, if someone could write a play about OCCUPY. I don't know if it would play in this new internet age. Especially like I say [The powers do not forget.] I think it's already in/at play.
    A play about OCCUPY. Interactive? A play that doesn't end in you're such a GOOOD Christian!
    There are some good Christian religions. Like all good religions, they lead by example, not by force or manipulation.
    Thought I'd add in this story…
    From HAIR, I dodged the draft in Hawaii. Hawaii like Canada was a refuge. If you heard someone was asking about you, you could get on a boat and go anywhere in the world. There were some serious draft dodgers in Hawaii.
    My first Jesus freak experience…
    There was this particularly sadistic cult the maranatha's in Hawaii. Every time we'd see them in town, they'd prosthelytize us.
    In the times, we'd be visiting another shack or commune type setting. Someone (in our HAZE) would say did you just hear that? "I hope I didn't hear that." "Are we going crazy?" Things like, John you're going to hell, blah, blah.
    So one night this girl comes in and she says "You're not going to believe what I just saw." "Those effin maranathas are in a clearing in the coffee trees and they're reading like scripyure and inserting our names.
    There was this older dude who had a pistol (mind you this was 1970, way different times). He grabs his pistol, he and the girl leave, a couple minutes later we hear 5 or six shots and this dude yelling "If I see any of you god damned nutcases anywhere near any of these shacks anywhere in this entire valley, next time, I'LL AIM!
    He comes back with some flashlights, and we laugh & laugh & LAUGH as he describes them running through the bushes & trees all askitter.
    Like I say there were some serious draft dodgers in Hawaii. Names, This dude MEANT it! (different times)
    When we went to town post, the maranthas would see any of us and walk a different direction :)
    As you get older you dig experience.

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