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View Diary: Senate Judiciary Committee approves immigration reform on 13-5 vote (59 comments)

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  •  This could be a stab in the back. (8+ / 0-)

    This "compromise" increases the number of H1-B visas and guest workers. It's a sharp knife between the shoulder blades for American workers.

    Every American kid who took on huge debts to get a college degree must now compete with low-priced foreign workers brought in to take their jobs. These young voters supported us by huge margins, and this is their payback?

    Every older tech worker who has paid their dues and amassed valuable experience may now be asked to train their replacement. On top of the economic pain is piled humiliation.  I know a Chinese-American woman who was made to train her replacement...a Chinese National. But the Corporations save money...

    We (Progressives) should oppose any measure that increases H1-B visas and/or guest workers.
    If Corporations think they need more "high skill" workers, let them raise their salaries. We should demand a Minimum Wage for guest workers. The wage should be high -- perhaps $175,000/yr -- to ensure that these "high skill" workers are truly needed.

    If we want to help people looking for a better life, the Government, not Corporations should determine who gets in. We must not outsource our immigration policy to Microsoft.

    •  Put up or shut up (0+ / 0-)

      No one is telling US citizens they shouldn't become Java programmers.  The fact is that when my company advertises for programmers in RTP, NC, we get barely qualified or unqualified US citizens.  It sucks, but it is true.   These foreign workers do the hard studying that many US kids won't do.  

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