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View Diary: Direct Action: On Civil Disobedience And The Projection of Power (49 comments)

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    penguins4peace, Ray Pensador, native, FG

    You are correct that power, not weakness, changes minds and forces action.  I never took the Occupy movement seriously because it basically had members sit there, not asking for anything specific or concrete.  Members just became targets.

    Ghandi and King, two leaders of non-violent opposition and civil disobedience, had very specific goals in mind: Get the British out of India, Civil Rights for African-Americans.

    Organization definitely is the key, at the local, state, and Federal levels.  Progressives have an inherent dislike of following authority; this acts to disorganize and weaken them.  Pointing to specific goals helps overcome this.

    (PS - RP, I've clicked on your map a nubmer of times, and it seems to provide only place names, not organization names - am I missing something?)

    The road to Hell is paved with pragmatism.

    by TheOrchid on Wed May 22, 2013 at 11:58:44 AM PDT

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      the map, I need to take some time to add more information to that page.  I'm basically using it as a "propagandist" tool to motivate people into thinking that we can indeed form a cohesive nationwide network of activists capable of acting in concert.

      When people sign up to my email list I take their geolocation information (only city, state, and zip code) and add it to the map.

      My goal is to eventually, when clusters of activists start forming in different cities, to encourage them to meet on a regular basis and to have those groups interacts with the rest in a nationwide network...

      I'm specifically interested in encouraging people to focus on the root causes of the corruption, on how ALEC is operating nationwide, on how the politicians are being bribed, on identifying patterns, etc., and then on using that information to come up with counter-strategies, with direct peaceful action, etc.

      Hopefully that helps a little with explaining the map...

      Today I have to add many more... I think I'm up to almost 400 people so far.

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