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View Diary: Warren asks bullseye questions of Treasury Secretary Lew. Can we have 50 more like her, please? (89 comments)

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    a handful of Elizabeth Warren-style Senators to have a huge impact. I want 50 too, don't me wrong, but the Warren clones would have an outsized impact at 10! or 15!

    Can we have 50 more like her, please?
    A handful of strong Dems fighting for worker's rights and fairness for consumers? They would wrest back control of the party from the conservadem scam artists.

    Ron/Rand Paul & Ted Cruz are rebuilding the GOP in their(frightening)image. Elizabeth Warren could do the same---but for good purposes.

    Imagine the impact of a Warren endorsement in State Senate races, referenda, mayoral contests, or Congressional races around the country. Of course she'd hafta be willing to ignore the party apparatus, Obama admin and/or the Clintons if they throw a fit.

    Basically, I want her to save the world :)

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