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  •  ((((commonmass)))) & (((Geoffrey Cat))) (5+ / 0-)

    I hope you can feel the hugs that are wrapped in that quilt.  I hope that you know you are loved and that Terun watches over you.  

    I know June 15 will be a hard day.  I remember the date, because when you did the diary about the wedding, it's one day short of the anniversary when we lost Ricky (6/16/86).  I, and many of us here, will be thinking of you and Terun on that day - please know that we're holding out our hands to you across the miles.  

    Love endures - I hope that as time goes by, the good memories will soften your pain - that people who met Terun and can share memories with you will do so - our memories live forever, even if we do not.  It does help to share them and talk about your love - it's hard at first, but I hope your friends won't be afraid to talk about him with you - sharing the good things and knowing others remember does help.  Cry & scream alone, cry with a friend, sometimes smile and laugh with you mom or your brother.  It's all part of healing and it's different for everybody.  There is no right or wrong way to grieve for your husband.  The people who love you will understand.  

    My son was 5 when his Uncle Ricky died.  With a wisdom beyond his years, he told me, "Don't cry Mommy, Uncle Ricky is my special guardian angel now & I know he loves us forever, just like we love him forever."  He was the smartest of all of us who were railing against the unfairness of one taken so young - 21 is too young, 48 is too young.  Time has softened our pain and sadness, but it has not dimmed our memories.  

    Wrap yourself in your quilt and let the love stitched into it soak into your soul and give you comfort.  Terun's love is still with you.  Our love is with you, too.  

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    by Ricochet67 on Wed May 22, 2013 at 06:58:55 PM PDT

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