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View Diary: Have Dems sold out too early on immigration? Not if they want something to actually pass (317 comments)

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  •  The only way to get... (6+ / 0-)

    ...a chance at 22-26 GOP Reps voting for this (here I assume 5-10 Democratic members vote against either because of personal principle or some Blue Dog impulse) is to get it on the floor.

    When you are right you cannot be too radical; when you are wrong, you cannot be too conservative. --Martin Luther King Jr.

    by Egalitare on Wed May 22, 2013 at 01:01:12 PM PDT

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    •  Right (7+ / 0-)

      The way I look at it. Getting 65+ in the Senate isnt going to be easy, but it's doable.

      And if you can do that, Boehner will have to call a floor vote, and I think it probably passes the House.

      The GOP members of the House immigration gang arent from moderate districts, I dont think. If something is acceptable to 2/3 of the Senate, then I think it will get enough GOP votes in the House to pass.

      VAWA might be a good comparison.

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