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View Diary: Kos and Front Pagers: draw a clear, bright line on Freedom of the Press (152 comments)

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    Radiowalla, caul, nominalize

    along the lines of this, sure, I would have given you a non-snarky contribution. I do personally believe civilized dialogue is not just possible, but necessary. Certainly here, where we are all on the same side, nominally at least.

    But I do find a worrying trend on Daily Kos of sensationalism coupled with factionalism. We are not on the road to a police state, or if we are, that's either a very long road, or you're missing some crucial aspects of the journey. Take the omnipresence of Google, or Facebook's deep data mining, or NSA hoovering up every phone call in the world.

    These are deeply worrying things we have zero recourse for and also a few reasons why I generally laugh at the RKBA folks hyperventilating about the government taking their guns. Why would it?

    The problem on this site, as I see it, is that the odious rox-sux wars have cast every such discussion into a binary mold, for or against the President. And these days, it seems to be degenerating even further, with the camps exchanging insults or trading HRs instead of trying to reach some common ground.

    If that's a way to arrive at policy or even inform the debate, I haven't seen it yet. And meanwhile, we waste our time in meta fights with those Insidious Other People Who Are Wrong and Evil.

    Fuck me, it's a leprechaun.

    by MBNYC on Wed May 22, 2013 at 06:24:08 PM PDT

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