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  •  that's an amazing diary with some quite (4+ / 0-)

    unexpected reactions in the comment section.  But I leave that behind.

    I was wondering about your last paragraph.

    Does entry into the spirit world endow the ancestors with the magical power to fly or to swim across oceans? What if the journey to the other side—wherever that other side happens to be configured in the spiritual imagination of any human individual or collective—is made on foot? What if spirits walk to the other side? What if they can’t fly, can’t swim, can’t walk on water when they die…where do they go?

    Doesn’t that mean that when I say “You are on Indian Land”, I could just as easily be talking about your ancestors, not just about you, whoever and wherever you are on Indian Land?

    It reminds me that for many immigrants or other people (like myself), who came to this land just recently and have none of their ancestors being buried here, it's hard for them to know where they belong.

    When I start thinking of where I want to be buried, if I die, it's difficult to imagine. I might have the choice to determine on which land I want to be buried, on this land or the land where I came from and my ancestors are buried.

    I have a problem with that. The imagination that I am buried where I have nobody is uncomfortable to me, the imagination that I return to the land of my ancestors just to be buried where may be I should belong, makes me cringe too.

    So the question is to where you belong and who do you leave behind when you die. I was playing with the thought to have my ashes thrown in the ocean like the Hawaiians bury their loved ones.

    But then I felt a pity for my son, who is the only one who would mourn over my passing and I think he need me to be at a place he can sit down for a while thinking I am there. I think I will ask him if he wanted to throw my ashes into the Pacific.

    Then I am not buried on Indian land. And I don't need to swim anywhere the water will carry me where ever it wants me to be. And my guess is, it will carry me everywhere and the question of me and my ancestors being on Indian land or not will be mute.

    And if I should die on Indian land, well why not ? May be if I would search long enough I might find out that I even have an ancestor already here.  

    But I hope they respect the oceans and don't throw the baby pampers in there and dump their trash from the ships or throw the drums with radioactive waste to sit on the ocean floor ... :-)

    I like your diary a lot.  

    •  That last paragraph is actually the only (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      one I thought would trigger some controversy....because it really depends on what you believe happens to the body after death, and those beliefs vary.

      About the ocean, well, didn't the BP oil spill give us some index of what's going on on the ocean floor? :(

      Your comment makes me start wondering about the kinds of miscegenation and inter-intra-cultural commiseration that may be going on in the spirit world on Indian Land without any of our knowledge! lol.

      Maybe these ancestors will some day force all to learn to just get along? ;-)

    •  Mimi, I'm reading a book called "Grave (3+ / 0-)

      Considerations" that goes over many many options and give historical and cultural snippets. It's pretty interesting.

      Tracy B Ann - technically that is my signature.

      by ZenTrainer on Thu May 23, 2013 at 07:58:07 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

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