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  •  No, they don't account for it. (0+ / 0-)

    The tax return lists it as "permanently invested overseas". Again, since when does the IRS play semantic games.

    It is in a bank in NY, but not.

    Do you understand the concept of you pay taxes to the Nation because it is your part due and payable for the benefits this society provides you as being part of it?

    Roads, rail, air, banking systems where your money doesn't get robbed, an education system to train workers to make your business possible, etc, etc.

    The money is not permanently invested overseas, the tax return is a lie, they are availing themselves of the benefit of the security of having their monies inside the US in our banking system, where no one will steal it, and at the same time saying it is NOT here and they therefore do NOT owe any taxes.

    So I say again, I'd like to see you or me or any other person in the US try the same semantic bullshit, and see how far we get with it..... bye bye money.

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