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  •  Perhaps it is partly because we are such a mobile (2+ / 0-)
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    society now, that we are not familiar enough with our own land.
         I have lived on the same 5 acres of scruffy woodland for 27 years- long enough to see how every year it erodes just the tiniest bit towards the river. Long enough to know that when I moved here in 1985, and for the next ten years, this place was a swampland half the year, supporting dozens of different mushrooms. Since then, the fetid smell has faded- because the land is drying up. We are not in drought here, but my dooryard nowadays has a radically different climate, and the jack-in-the-pulpits, lady-slippers, and other wetland plants that used to nestle up to the back of my house have retreated to the deeper woods.
         But if I were to buy this house today, that would all be unknown and I would have thought my starting point was a much drier place. And when it gets desert hot here in NH and we have too much more of that over 100 degree heat, this land will change again, but only I will remember how wet it was in this spot back in 1985.
         Maybe it's just too easy to get from point A to point B by aeroplane these days, and people are neglecting the path in between.

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