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View Diary: Obama Said That He Didn't Agree with Much of What Medea Benjamin Said. Well, What Did She Say? (109 comments)

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  •  Unhinged from what? (5+ / 0-)

    reality? nope. Speaking up to power is not rude it's what citizens should do in a democratic society. How does one help the anti war cause other then challenging the double speak, lies and propaganda emanating from the president. What you really mean is that she did not help Obama's cause. OWS, Code Pink or any activist's aren't aiming to help partisan 'progressive' pols. At least she didn't throw her shoe at him.    

    •  Our government is unhinged. eom. (2+ / 0-)
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      "Today is who you are" - my wife

      by I Lurked For Years on Sat May 25, 2013 at 10:24:08 AM PDT

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    •  "What you really mean..." Oh bullshit, I'll not (0+ / 0-)

      take a back seat on progressive issues to you.  Don't put words in my mouth, you don't know what my history in progressive politics is. Buzz off.

      •  Who's talking (3+ / 0-)
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        about you taking a back seat to me? You said  Medea was not doing the anti-war cause any good and was rude and unhinged. I disagree, on both counts of your dismissal of her questions at the presser. Your or my progressive history isn't the issue here. Your progressive cred or mine have nothing to do with Code Pink or OWS as they are organizations that work outside the electoral partisan system. They are activist's not party loyalist's or supporters of a pol, even if that pols is  Obama or a Democrat.

         Political activism is a good thing both inside and out of the party. Our elected representatives should be held accountable for their policies and their agenda. The way forward they are implementing needs to be challenged especially when a Democratic president gives twisty speeches that are nothing but Orwellian double speak.

        I do not self identify as a progressive I'm a liberal. I view political parties as a means to an end that end being democratic representation along with upholding the constitution and our system of law. I'm not about to buzz off any more then Code Pink is or any citizen who cares about democratic governance, the rule of law and our common good. What good does it do any cause to not speak up to the abuses of power?

        'I'm taking my country back and the vehicle I'm using is the Democratic Party' Howard Dean


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