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View Diary: Never Swim When There's No Life-Guard And Never Swim Alone! (75 comments)

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    But, really, trying to wriggle  out of jeans while in the water sounds nearly impossible. They get stiff and hard to manipulate.  I'd probably drown from the effort of taking them off.

    I agree with Indycam about the issue of wearing pants while swimming. It would be shame if someone in peril in the water would waste any energy struggling out of jeans because they thought jeans would cause them to sink like lead.  

    Wet jeans on shore may seem to weigh a ton  (that's metaphorically speaking; actually I'd be surprised if fully saturated jeans weighed even as much as 8.3 pounds more than dry ones - that would be a whole gallon's worth of adsorbed water which seems unlikely), but in the water any added "water weight" is not weighing you down as long as it stays under water.  The only time you would feel the weight would be at the transition point from in-to-out of the water.

    I usually swim in long pants in our farm pond in the summer since we commonly have free-swimming leeches in the water. Sometimes it's on purpose in yoga pants, and sometimes, also on purpose but more on the spur of the moment, when taking a break from hot and heavy farm work when I'm likely wearing long pants (khakis or jeans) to ward off ticks.

    It's also not unusual to find myself in the pond in my jeans when I'm not intentionally swimming, but inadvertently due to an animal or even equipment crisis.

    And my personal experience is that the jeans aren't a problem, but the foot wear is.  So if I think there's even a slight chance I might wind up wet the first thing I do is take off my boots or shoes before getting near the water's edge.

    If anything, for a brief period after immersion clothing adds bouyancy.

    As a kid  and  teenager I also spent a fair amount of time surface "diving"/ snorkeling in the tropical oceans.  I always wore pants and a long sleeve shirt to ward off sunburn.  But admittedly, I wasn't wearing modern-day jeans then, just cotton pants and poplin shirts, which are lighter. And old Keds to protect my feet from coral.  Back in the, um, olden days people didn't get so caught up in sports equipment.

    I spent my summers as a life-guard in high school and college, as well, though on an inland lake, not on the seashore or a big, active pool.

    Pools actually skeeve me out, so I won't swim in one. Funny how chlorinated-to-death human commensals are less acceptable to me than lively, and hungry, leeches.


    •  As far as the jeans are concrned, (1+ / 0-)
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      indycam is wrong.

      I was there. If I had not got the jeans off. I would have been pulled sown even further. As soon as I got them off, I was able to swim back to the surface.

      This is a factual account of what happened. Make what you want out of it yourselves.

      Perhaps you would write a diary if you like. But that's what happened as I stated.

      Don't wear clothing when swimming was the point. Always wear a bathing suit or at the most cotton shorts and a tee shirt. Not jeans!

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      by rebel ga on Mon May 27, 2013 at 11:21:33 PM PDT

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      •  typo should have said pulled down. (1+ / 0-)
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        Brought To You By That Crazed Sociologist/Media Fanatic rebel ga Be The Change You Want To See In The World! Gandhi

        by rebel ga on Mon May 27, 2013 at 11:26:40 PM PDT

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      •  Thanks for the diary. It makes a nice holiday (1+ / 0-)
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        rebel ga

        weekend edition
        of our regular Itzl Alert series.

        I wonder where my fellow Itzl Alert members are?

        About the pie fight:

        I'm guessing you desperately needed to kick your legs,
        to go up to the surface,
        to breathe air,
        to not drown.

        And the jeans made it pretty much impossible to kick,
        to kick in such a way as to get your body moving upwards.

        the technical argument about the weight of jeans on a scale,
        is beside the point.

        I'm saying that even if those folks who do not agree with you
        are technically correct in some of their statements,
        it still seems to me that since kicking,
        as part of swimming,
        must be harder to do wearing jeans,
        the safer course of action is probably
        to take your advice.

        The argument about your advice creating a panic,
        could be technically correct,
        but if folks simply don't wear jeans in the water,
        there will not be a chance to see who was right,
        on that point.

        I feel your diary is helpful,
        and could save a life or two.

        That's a worthwhile diary.

        Thanks again.

        Bringing a child into the world at this point in history is a crime, the crime of child endangerment.

        by bigjacbigjacbigjac on Mon May 27, 2013 at 11:43:19 PM PDT

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        •  This is what I said, (1+ / 0-)
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          Always wear a bathing suit when swimming. Do Not wear heavy clothing, like jeans. You'll sink like a stone!
          I was over my head in a lake. I was sinking, further down. I could not swim up. When I tore the jeans off, I was then able to swim to the surface. Make what you want out of it.

          As for this comment causing a panic among  some imiginary drowning person. That's ridiculous!

          Don't wear heavy clothing when swimming. That's just plain common sense. When struggling in a desperate situation like almost drowning one does not need an extra ten pounds pulling them downward.

          You're right about the water being a type of outer space bigjac.

          My Father always said "Don't go near the water till you learn how to swim" and in his joking way, he was right.

          Those commenters can swim in jeans, slacks, whatever, but it's still not the safe thing to do.

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          by rebel ga on Tue May 28, 2013 at 07:24:57 AM PDT

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