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  •  What puzzles me about the corporate (3+ / 0-)
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    culture that is leading to vigorous tax avoidance as an end in itself is that one would think that corporate management would be guided at least a little bit by a sense that it is their patriotic duty to pay a reasonable share of taxes and not go to such extremes to avoid same. Not only is the federal budget in somewhat of a shortfall but tax burdens have shifted drastically to individuals as the excellent Times editorial points out:
    "As corporate tax revenue has withered as a share of the economy and as a share of total revenue, Washington has leaned more heavily on individuals to pay for government. In 2012, personal income taxes and payroll taxes raised $1.9 trillion, compared with $242 billion raised from corporate taxes, a disparity that contributes to widening inequality and, in turn, to a slow economy and less social mobility"
    At the same time Silicon Valley shirks paying its taxes it demands changes in our visa laws so they can import workers with the education and skills needed for the tech industry. They don't seem to see the irony.
    Even a company minded CEO should feel a little shame for shirking their civic duty. But Cook didn't seem to feel the least bit embarrassed. And the sight of our elected representatives, including Democrats, fawning all over him was sickening.

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