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  •  The push toward crypto-feudalism, laid bare: (4+ / 0-)
    While some of us deplore the failure to prosecute Nixon, find him guilty and establish firmly in the law that the President may not order the commission of criminal acts, the supporters of "sovereign immunity," the principle under which the sovereign can do no wrong, regret the resignation for the opposite reason. Sovereignty is of great importance to them and, while they most often claim it on behalf of the nation (e.g. as an excuse for not participating in the International Court), its real importance to them lies in the continuation of royal rule determined by ballot, rather than DNA. Republicans, you see, are royalists at heart.
    Precisely.  They do not want a president, they want a king - or more precisely, kingship:  kingly powers on tap, no (well, few) kingly trappings.  No king is not an obstacle per se, as Hannah points out...for the simple fact that kings make great scapegoats, while the money stays off-stage and continues to stage the play.

    This is why I call it crypto-feudal:  it drowns the notion of 'nobility' in Gorver Norquist's bathtub, while the only heads that end up rolling are employees of the permanently-wealthy class:  politicians, CEOs, judges, preachers - who are well-paid by any standard, but still disposable.  With "power" in the hands of the politicians, all the heat is off of the individual wealth-holding families and their foundations, who can continue to wheel, deal, pressure Congress, buy justices without fear of pitchforks, torches, and mobs.

    In this new anti-aristocracy, it's not who you are or even who you're related to:  it's how much money you've got AND how much power you can wield with it.  A loosely-family-based turf war, just like the old days - and all under the color of law...just like the old days.

    Just now, it's all plausibly deniable, innit?

    I am a leaf on the wind - i hover, twirl, float,
    Weightless, frictionless, I fly

    by chmood on Sun May 26, 2013 at 08:44:13 AM PDT

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