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  •  And yet there are several videos on YouTube (4+ / 0-)
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    showing how you can "bump fire" a semiautomatic AR-15 style weapon to achieve rates of fire of several hundred rounds per minute. Here's a link.

    I can't do that with my semi-automatic 9mm Ruger.

    So, two responses to your argument:

    - You are wrong about AR-15 rates of fire.
    - You, like my Facebook friend and other NRA defenders, are saying that the only answer to mass shootings is to do nothing.

    •  Math fail (0+ / 0-)

      Several hundred rounds per minute? Really? Did you even think about what you wrote before you hit send?

      Let's call "several" the minimum that word can mean, which is three. Three hundred rounds per minute, that's what you're claiming.

      A standard magazine contains 30 rounds. No more, no less. 300 divided by 30 = 10. A minute contains 60 seconds. That means the operator must reload the weapon EVERY SIX SECONDS. And still find time to aim, shoot, and hope to hit anything.

      The Glock 17, a popular and common 9mm semi-automatic handgun, holds 17 rounds standard and with an optional extended magazine can hold 33 rounds --three more than the standard AR-15 clip! Given that the limiting factor in semi-automatic fire rates is the capacity of the magazine (that reload problem I mentioned), there is little if any functional difference in "firepower" between the two weapons.

      Thus, point A holds up.

      Point B, see below. What plan do you have to remove firearms from the nation, let alone the planet? What is your proposed policy? If you have an idea that's both feasible and effective, let's see it. I don't think such a solution exists. Go ahead and prove me wrong. if you can do it, I'll happily get behind it.

      Like Dave Mustaine said, "If there's a new way, I'll be the first in line... but it'd better work this time!"

      "Is there anybody listening? Is there anyone who sees what's going on? Read between the lines, criticize the words they're selling. Think for yourself, and feel the walls become sand beneath your feet." --Geoff Tate, Queensryche

      by DarthMeow504 on Sat Jun 01, 2013 at 02:10:51 PM PDT

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