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  •  I Had a Really Bad Day! (0+ / 0-)

    This morning, walked the dog to my brother's house and check on it while he's out of town.

    Took a sit down and turned on the screen.  Not knowing how to use his system I got,          wait for it . . . .

    "FoxNews Sunday" featuring Dick Cheney.

    To demonstrate to myself my open mindedness I sat through the "interview" and follow-up panel.  I know what you're thinking, . . . .WHY?

    This afternoon took a break from my yardwork.  I had left PBS on my TV for my dog to sleep to.  I walked in on "The Lawrence Welk Show" and some ancient footage of some elderly bouffant coifed woman in red, backed by a chorus singing,       wait for it . . . . .

      "God Bless America".

    Like I said, it was a really bad day!

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