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View Diary: Without Irony, the U.S. Rebukes Turkey for Cracking Down on Protesters (155 comments)

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  •  You claimed one dead woman with a hole in her (6+ / 0-)


    My point is it was sheer luck that it wasn't one dead man with a hole in his head.

    And the officer may well have intended to kill Scott. He shot a bean bag round from a rifle.  It wasn't like some lob shot.  Maybe he was an incredibly bad marksman and was aiming for Scott's side or chest.  Or maybe he was aiming for his head.  (It hit him on the top of his head, not his jaw.)

    And there were multiple "out of control" officers who beat up Kevan Sabeghi.

    •  Sorry no (0+ / 0-)

      the claim was not "one dead woman." The claim was a picture demonstrating far more lethal methods than tear-gas canisters aimed at the head (which is also being done in Turkey). OWS pointed out disturbing characteristics among many local law enforcement agencies. However calls of "hypocrisy" only make sense if the President had called out the National Guard to put down OWS protests. OWS was not Kent State. Yes, a lot of bad shit went down, but the situation in Turkey simply does not compare.

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