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    Winter Rabbit

    WR, Baal and Leviathan are old Testament references.

    Some of the Israelites were (noted in the Psalms) sacrificing their children to the god Baal. They were roundly condemned. I have never heard that NDNs in North America ever practiced cannibalism. Did I miss something?

    Leviathan is a reference to a so-called sea monster (Leviathan of the deep), and the only reference is to that sea monster (probably a whale) as something the Lord made for the sport of it. There is no reference whatsoever in the Hebrew Scriptures to "Leviathan" as some sort of god to which any sacrifices were ever made.

    These so-called "Christians" are inventing demons, using ancient 'gods' and creatures mentioned in the Bible so as to justify their twisted, far from true Christian beliefs.

    1. Native Americans have the right to worship what or whom they please.

    2. Accepting the Christian faith does not require such twisted ceremonies or purges, it only requires accepting Christ as the Son of God, and believing in God's Law of Love, and, for membership in the Church, Holy Baptism.

    The leaders pushing this war on NDN culture must not believe in the love that God offers, and must not really trust NDNs (or themselves).

    "Treat others as you would like them to treat you." -St. Luke 6: 31 (NEB) Christians are given a tough assignment here: Love the people you don't even like...

    by paz3 on Tue Jun 11, 2013 at 03:05:20 PM PDT

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      I always wonder why they pull that from the Old Testament, I thought Jesus's sacrifice meant (not being very clear, but you know what I'm saying) it's time for the New Testament. God's love, that's something that should be easy to agree on across the board. Thank you and blessings.

      She nourishes us; that which we put into the ground she returns to us. Big Thunder

      by Winter Rabbit on Tue Jun 11, 2013 at 03:32:33 PM PDT

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