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View Diary: “Hey Canada! Take Your Carbon and Stick It… Back in the Ground!” (52 comments)

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  •  Hey America ... Get a grip! (4+ / 0-)

    Why does America need Canadian oil?

    Because it uses more oil per person than any major  industrialized country.

    Because it prices its oil lower than any other major developed nation.

    Funny story ... Canada which exports oil has higher gas prices for its citizens than the oil importing US has. Go figure

    Another funny story ... think oil sands are bad ... you must love fracking in its place. Happy drinking water.

    Simple solution to all these problems. Use less!

    Simple solution to use less ... Double or triple the price.

    But no ... that would impact the American way of life ... and that is non negotiable ... so lets find some distraction ... squirrel!!!!  (oil sands) Ah, doesn't that feel better.

    There's room at the top they're telling you still But first you must learn how to smile as you kill If you want to be like the folks on the hill

    by taonow on Thu Jun 06, 2013 at 02:24:54 PM PDT

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