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View Diary: POTUS and Rep. Pelosi Announce Plans to Win Back the House (317 comments)

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  •  Okay, let's say that a Dem House (9+ / 0-)

    would not vote for chained CPI, although several Dems, including Pelosi, have voiced support for chained CPI.

    But let's pretend that the House does not vote for chained CPI.

    But let's do remember that the filibuster rules have not changed in the Senate.  So if the House passes a bill that doesn't include chained CPI, and the Senate votes for it, and it goes to conference, what happens then?

    And the answer to your question here is absolutely YES.

    Or are you one of the folks who believes POTUS is a huge fan of austerity?
    I don't arrive at that belief just because of nothing, I come to that belief based on numerous things Obama has advocated either for or against.

    And I'm hope I'm wrong, too.

    And the phrase "huge fan," is another matter.  He's for it.  Is he a huge fan?  I don't know, but I do know he's all in for austerity.

    •  And austerity is a discredited remedy (4+ / 0-)

      Apparently Obama and his crowd have bought into some ridiculous Third Way powerpoint presentation with magic algebra and "focus groups" instead of real polling data telling them this time, Reaganomics can be sold to the voting public.

      They're probably hoping to sell this junk public policy to low information voters, but its a big stretch to think they can replace large chunks of the Dem base with an unknown quantity of low info folks and still win in 2014.  Or maybe they don't really want to win Congress.

      If we continue to see this level of stupidity at the national level of the Dem Party, maybe we should forget the idea of trying to win back Congress and focus on state and local elections.

      "If you can't take their money, eat their food, drink their booze and then vote against them, you have no business being in DC."

      by Betty Pinson on Fri Jun 07, 2013 at 07:11:25 PM PDT

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      •  It certainly will be interesting to see how (4+ / 0-)

        Dems will "win back the House."  Frankly, I think it's just a meme now to keep on track for that goal.  Never mind that the Dems are as poor at messaging as they recently have been.

        So far the message I've heard from DNC, DSCC, the DCCC is:  Republicans are awful, send us money .

        •  And the money goes to the awful Dems (3+ / 0-)
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          3goldens, deep info, gooderservice

          Take for instance the vote yesterday on Steve King's amendment to defund the DREAM-lite program.  Three Democrats---Barrow, McIntyre, and Rahall--joined the Republicans in voting for it.  The DCCC sends out its routine "O my gosh, the Republicans are awful!" fundraising email and will then give the money to the same Dems that JUST VOTED FOR THE BILL THEY ARE CRITICIZING.

          The same works for the student loan legislation, too. And just about every single vote.

          •  DCCC/DSCC/DNC support awful Ds, yes (0+ / 0-)

            Nobody should ever give money to them.  They're basically run by Republicans as far as I can tell.

            There are still good Democratic candidates.  The DCCC/DSCC/DNC put money into primaries to fight AGAINST the good Democratic candidates.  

            I think we need to organize our own committees.

          •  I haven't sent a dime to (2+ / 0-)

            the DNC since the day they kicked out Howard Dean, and can't remember when I sent to the DSCC or DCCC, if ever. After way too many times watching one of the national committees parachute into a House or Senate race with no regard for what the local activists are trying to tell them, I consider them arrogant money-wasters.

            No one who is as involved in politics as the typical Kossack should be depending on these entities to make their funding decisions for them. You know which candidates you want to support. And here's Act Blue to help you do it. I choose which candidates will get money from me.

            "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."........ "The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little." (yeah, same guy.)

            by sidnora on Sat Jun 08, 2013 at 03:46:55 AM PDT

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