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  •  When it comes to gun crime (3+ / 0-)
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    Always remember that population density is important. People with an agenda  like to pretend that Chicago's gun crime numbers are indicative of something horrible. But the per capita numbers are less than a third of the numbers for Louisiana and Illinois' overall are far lower than 29 other states. Yes, lots of people get killed by guns in Chicago, but that's because Chicago has a huge population (2.7 million). All big cities have high crime stats. If you have eight crimes per million, in New York City, you'll have 64 crimes. In ALL of Wyoming, you'll have four crimes. Does that mean Wyoming is more law abiding? No. It just means that Wyoming only has 576,000 people, statewide.

    Righties like to bring up Chicago stats because Obama is a Chicagoan and they get to take a backhanded dig at him while pretending to make some kind of valid point.

    In the real world, Chicago gun deaths are down by 34% from this period in 2012 and falling. This is due to increased policing and crackdowns on illegal gun trading. It has nothing to do with private gun ownership (which is down, per capita). Louisiana gun rates remain high.

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