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  •  Thanks. Hadn't seen that. I notice a contrail (9+ / 0-)

    in bwren's pic, supporting his point about contrails providing moisture at that elevation.

    We see jets going by every night, usually south to north...figure it's the seattle to Asia traffic, great circle route. Halos are frequent too, when the weather's not overcast. Now I know there's a connection.

    And speaking of things we see at night (sitting in the hot tub for our nightly therapeutic before bed soak) - the night before last, the ISS went by overhead, by itself not unusual, though always cool. Right behind it was another satellite, same speed, same trajectory, but dimmer. We looked it up - it was the supply vehicle homing in on the ISS, and docked with it a few hours later according to the news. It had been circling around the earth for a week or so waiting for the right moment. Apparently it took off earlier than necessary because the spaceport in French Guyana was booked up. Can you imagine? I had no idea there were so many things going into space. Mostly commercial, like telecom, weather, but also military satellites from many countries.

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