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View Diary: What Does Being Gay In America Mean? (72 comments)

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    The relentless marketing targeted at LGBTs is noxious and does no service to us in its depictions of who gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders are as individuals and how we live our lives. Professor Badgett's own study from UCLA directly studied how our economic reality differs so dramatically from how we're being depicted. I stopped going to Gay Pride a few years ago because I just got sick of it, too.

    I dearly wanted to comment more on how this study speaks to what lesbians deal with economically, but it would've rung false.  I wish I could've offered some real insight on how women in the LGBT community are struggling or thriving financially. Better for me not to attempt to speak on that since I don't have first hand experience or a close lesbian friend to enlighten me about it.

    I do think women are raised to show more empathy. I also think it's deplorable that outside of superstars like Ellen or Melissa "our" media does such an inconsistent and weak job focusing on women in our community.

    The whole "hot rockin' lifestyle" you mention rings very hollow and empty after you reach a certain age. (IMHO)

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