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    Thank you so much. As always, you come from a place of compassion and wisdom coupled with real depth of experience.

    Living in the West Hollywood area, I've met a lot of wealthy gay men. Some are easily in the top 5% of income earners. More than a few were even in the top 2%. I mean them no ill will, but it was very hard to swallow on those occasions when my wealthy acquaintances would try to equate their situations with mine. I've always had a difficult time listening to the wealthy talk about their problems as if they were identical or equal with my own.

    I've been in 12 step mtgs where once a friend was talking about how his life hit rock bottom...and all he had left in this world was a quarter of a million dollars. (Several mutual friends pulled him aside after that to strongly suggest to him that he probably shouldn't have shared that.) And then there was a friend who used to harshly lecture me on what I needed to do to change my life. About a year after I cut this fellow out of my life, another mutual friend informed me it was easy for him to chastise me given that he'd inherited $300,000 from his own family and didn't have to hold down a job anymore.

    I say this with no arrogance or judgment, simply factual acknowledgement: so many of the practical problems I have would be far more surmountable if I had the credit cards, credit ratings, money market accounts, stocks, bonds, equity and all sorts of other resources that come with being in the top 5% of income in America.

    And the odds are you will probably see me this Saturday.

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