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    This diary is absolutely not West Hollywood-centric. I reference New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and West Hollywood. I'm a bit confused as to why more than a few commenters have gotten the idea that my diary was solely or only about WeHo. Far from it.

    I've been to NYC and I lived in S.F. for a decade. Been in LA for 13 years now and do genuinely love it. In my humble opinion, people are mostly the same wherever you go. I think this is even more true of gay men. Having traveled to Chicago and NYC along with living in California for over 23 years, it's my experience that the issues I've raised aren't limited to one geographic location; they're all over the map (pun intended).

    And when things slow down for me over the next couple days, I will most assuredly message you, equern. Thank you for saying hello and thanks for all the cogent points you made here.

    I know nothing of the West Hollywood Democratic Club so I will have to look into that. Thanks again and talk to you soon! :)

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