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  •  My Aunt still suffers from cardiac issues (11+ / 0-)

    because she contracted Polio as a child in the 1940s. My mother is originally from Baltimore, but moved to Cincinnati when she was six. She used to tell me and my sister stories about how her parents wouldn't let her swim in Sunlight Pool at Coney Island because there was such a fear that polio could be transmitted through water.

    I think that the history of Polio is a wonderful example of the fact that a) deadly pandemic viruses can be (all but) eliminated with modern science and public health techniques, but also b), that we will not see an AIDS-free generation in our lifetime.

    I say this in large part because the Polio vaccine was discovered 60 years ago and we still have Polio cases in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan. We are by all accounts nowhere near finding an HIV/AIDS vaccine (don't let the German bone marrow case get your hopes too's a remarkably risky procedure and scientists still aren't sure how his apparent suppression of the virus could be translated into a vaccine) and the current set of HIV medications are plagued by criminally exorbitant prices in the US from AIDS-profiteering pharmaceutical companies and have to be taken for the rest of the HIV+ person's life to prevent resurgence of the virus. Getting someone to adhere to any medication, even aspirin, every day is a challenge, much less one that has a host of awful side effects and costs about 10-30K a year.

    In no way am I saying HIV/AIDS can't be eradicated. I'm just trying to point out that saying a AIDS-free generation is near when your government is cutting HIV/AIDS funding domestically and abroad, all while people are still getting infected at a greater rate than they're being put on treatment, is delusional at best and manipulative at worst.

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