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View Diary: Zimmerman Jury Selection Begins (118 comments)

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  •  Ok, so even though we have witnesses who either (0+ / 0-)

    saw or heard a fight ... enough so that several of them actually called 911 before the shot, and also describe it to police...

     but you find it more plausible...that the injuries with fresh blood came from him falling once as he was running on wet grass and apparently hitting his head (twice...since there are two places injured) and then he got up and then ran some more and fell again but on his face and nose this time?  Or did he fall on his face the first time and then roll and hit his head in two places during the same fall?

    If you bounce a perfect sphere on the ground that is perfectly flat and only once...only a small portion could catch impact....yes, mostly likely true.

      If the bounce happens more than once and/or in a struggle, with both sphere involved and surface involved that are not perfectly round and/or perfectly flat...then you could have more than one place that could be injured, even simultaneously.   Place in the factor of pebbles, rocks, sticks, cracks in concrete, slants, uneven places etc....and there is even more of a chance. This was not the case of a ball being bounced on a perfect slab of polished granite. Thus, you can not measure a head against concrete or the the outcome of hitting a ball on a perfect slab of polished granite.  They are not the same thing, at all.

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