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    pat bunny

    The corporations and Wall Street  have taken over this country. The middle class and the poor are getting poorer, but we keep letting ourselves get distracted from this true, horrible danger by allowing the Republicans to run the conversation. If you asked normal people if they are more concerned about the economy or the data mining, the vast majority would choose the economy.  My income has been cut by 20% due to the sequester furloughs. We won't be able to get by if this lasts much longer. And there a lot of people like us who are wondering why even the Democrats don't seem to care that much. They are busy chasing  so-called scandal after scandal and dancing to the Republicans tune to pay attention to the people who are really hurting

    We need Occupy Wall Street or a similar movement to refocus our attention on the power of big business.
    I am sick of this shit.,

    Be well, ~*-:¦:-jennybravo-:¦:-*~

    by jennybravo on Tue Jun 11, 2013 at 01:00:40 PM PDT

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