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  •  I saw my elderly friend (17+ / 0-)

    working the exit door at a local WalMart.  She had on a medical boot, limped horribly.  I chatted with her, found she had tripped on a ragged carpet at work, as the new replacement carpet sat in the back warehouse, and she was taken by her employer to a local clinic.  She was not allowed to take off work.  They suddenly increased her hours from 28 to 36 per week.  Another employee had the same accident on the same carpet, got the same increase in weekly hours.
    Neither employee had requested more hours, and both are long time employees and are in lower management jobs.
    How cruel is that?
    Hope everything works out great, DarkSyde, and that your disability kicks in without protest or delay.

    •  I suspect the wage/job bracket shift (12+ / 0-)

      has more to do with avoiding a law suit and the only way to "fix" the problem was to get the employees on the insurance roll.  I see a future, once on the mend, they end up either back in their old slot or, more likely, terminated.  Once the liability is discharged, discharge the evidence.  

      Call me cynical, but it happened to me once upon a time.  I cost my employer  his annual kickback for a no claim year.  The boss said, "I was accident prone!" BTW: construction job related and minor, I took 2 stitches on the top of my head.  I would have done it myself but I couldn't see the laceration.

      Sound like now? That was 1976.  

      Small minds never go away.  They merely occupy new bodies!

      The temerity to argue there are death panels in the ACA

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