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  •  Divide between acceptable nice things and excess? (7+ / 0-)

    Yes, it's easy to grasp why 80ft custom yachts and 75K golf junkets strike most of us as greedy, even somewhat callous forms of conspicuous consumption.  It's also easy to grasp how some uber-affluent yuppies like the ER doc can be abusively demanding assholes toward contractors they hire to upgrade or maintain their fancy houses etc.

    NEVERTHELESS, where's the proper dividing line between having a few nice material things and becoming an excessively materialistic one percenter asshole?
    - does going on a ski trip make you an asshole one percenter because the majority of folks cannot afford to ski?
    - does having a second home somewhere make you an asshole one percenter for similar reasons?
    - owning what kind of vehicle(s) (other than a Prius) is "too much" and makes you a callously indifferent asshole?

    IMHO the dividing line is like former SCOTUS Justice Potter Stewart's comment about pornography: "I know it when I see it".

    •  That's (10+ / 0-)

      a good question and I don't know. A self made millionaire probably does a lot of good, s/he buys several cars and maybe a house or two. I don't begrudge that success one bit.

      A self made billionaire probably doesn't do as much good; these days they typically have a strong IPO and do create some jobs, but I doubt they buy thousands of times the cars and homes of a millionaire. People that inherit billions, like the Walton kids, it's hard to see how they're helping society much at all compared to documented instances of actively hurting it. Maybe that would help us define a fuzzy line between the grays.

    •  Money up to a certain range is freedom (5+ / 0-)

      Money beyond a certain range is dangerous concentrated power over the rest of us.

      At least there should be no billionaires. Pay beyond, say, a hundred times that of the median worker isn't merited reward for effort and skill, it's greed, it's cheating.

      Government and laws are the agreement we all make to secure everyone's freedom.

      by Simplify on Mon Jun 17, 2013 at 02:29:45 AM PDT

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