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View Diary: For House Republicans, jobs are job #1. Except for all the other stuff. (54 comments)

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  •  So I went to read the interview (6+ / 0-)

    Credit to Stephanopoulos for asking the question, but Boehner doesn't answer it, and George is too busy checking the question off his list of "Dumb Stuff I Gotta Do" to notice:

    STEPHANOPOULOS: You know, we asked-- our viewers for questions for you. And so many came in on the same exact theme. Where are the jobs? What is this Congress doing for jobs?

    BOEHNER: Well, that's interesting, George. Because it really is our number one priority. If you look at-- the last four years, we've had anemic economic growth. There aren't enough jobs. People's wages aren't growing. And frankly, I believe the president's policies are getting in the way of creating more jobs.

    So we're focused on fixin' our tax code to make America more competitive-- dealing with our looming debt crisis that's out there, making sure that we get more American made energy. Tryin' to get rid of the red tape that comes out of Washington. But the president-- and the administration, continue, whether it's the EPA harassing all kinds of Americans-- whether it's-- Obamacare, which is like a wet blanket hanging over the economy-- these are getting in the way of creating more jobs in our country.

    Not one syllable about a jobs bill or how any of this other stuff (tax code; debt crisis - which Boehner says elsewhere isn't a crisis at all; red tape; and so on) impedes Boehner's efforts to propose and pass a jobs bill. And not a peep out of Stephanopoulos following up.

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