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View Diary: For House Republicans, jobs are job #1. Except for all the other stuff. (54 comments)

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    for re-electing Obama.  I believe that there is an enormous stack of pent-up money out there just waiting to create the next asset bubble.  That bubble will ignite the economy (at least for a while) and allow us to burn off this recession.  Had Romney been elected, all of the Bush tax cuts would have been made permanent, and the faucet would have been opened.  BUT,...we're not getting any of that private monetary stimulus until there is a Republican back in the White House.  

    They as much as told us that in 2011 and 2012.

    Think about it....  Obama is scandal-free.  All of the smart Republicans (i.e. the moneyed corporate country club wing) know that the country has trended left on social issues, and has left their 1980's moral majority coalition behind.  If they boom the economy on a Dem's watch, they might not get the White House back for a generation.  By then, taxes will have been raised, the Court will have been transformed, and the Reagan Revolution (which was always really about economics and not social issues) will have been reversed.  They can't let that happen.

    Soooo, as long as a Dem is in the White House, we're not getting any of their money.  We're only getting austerity and economic malaise, and a little stock market boomlet that most of us can't invest in because we have no cash.  And, without their money, there will be no new bubble, no new demand, and no new jobs.  And, if by some chance Hillary gets elected in 2016, and the Powers that Be open their wallets, all that will mean is that she's one of them afterall.    

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