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View Diary: Save money with a tool library (57 comments)

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    Pretired Nick, KenBee

    Our Maker-space/Hacker-space was just offered an additional 3000 sq.ft. of space in the building next door. Unfortunately while we can swing the rent and want the space, we just can't swing the capital expenditures to upgrade the space for any of our needs.

    But we have always wanted to provide a tool library to the broader community.  This has always been a someday goal.

    This sounds very grant-able. We already have a wood,metal shop. We are turning away tool donations. A solid library with classrooms and some storage would allow us to reconfigure our existing space and expand our community outreach.


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      The emergency preparedness angle, the low-income support angle and the community project angle are all perfect for getting grant support. Particularly when you can use ours and others as examples of how these benefit the local community, grants are no problem!

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