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View Diary: PA-Gov: The Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal Will Make Tom Corbett (R) A One Term Governor (29 comments)

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  •  I live in PA, and am a PSU Alum (0+ / 0-)

    and I don't know anybody who blames Sandusky, or the scandal on Corbett.  I think that is a Dem fantasy.  If I had to bet, I'd bet that Corbett survives, maybe just barely, but survives.

    This will be a base election, as any president's second midterm always is.  The Dem base in PA only comes out for presidential elections, which explains why, despite the fact that every Dem since Dukakis has won PA, we have a GOP House, Senate, one Senator, and Governor.  And, the only reason we have Casey, is because A)  a lot of people who voted for him probably thought he was his popular former governor dead dad, and B) 2006 was the killing fields for the GOP with Bush and the Iraq War.  Santorum wasn't the only Republican in PA to be linked to Bush and defeated that year.

    Penn State (the University) is trying to move beyond the scandal.  I suspect that sometime after next season, they will petition the NCAA to have the sanctions lessened or commuted.  

    And, any Dem trying to stir up Penn State fans over Corbett and Sandusky had better be REAL careful.  It could backfire, bigtime.  We are extremely sensitive and raw on that issue.  We as fans almost to a man, feel that we have been horribly victimized by the unfair sanctions.  We blame Sandusky, the NCAA (who is really just the former presidents and athletics people of our football competitors), and the media, for piling on.  In that order.  

    Joe Paterno is still considered an icon of what is good about college sports to most Penn State fans.  I guarantee you that not long after the sanctions are over, his statue will be re-erected somewhere in State College.  Corbett is not even on most people's list of who to blame.  Hell, at least he filed the lawsuit, even if it lacked merit to succeed.  Yeah, we all wish he'd have done something sooner, but that's how we feel about EVERYBODY involved.  I'm still perplexed that it took so many of the victims so long to come forward.

    If Corbett loses, it will be because some Dem runs a GREAT campaign, the economy continues to suck, Corbett's education funding cuts come home to roost, and the "Alabama in the middle" of PA doesn't get out and vote.  It won't be because of the Sandusky scandal.    

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