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View Diary: The Shunning & Demonization of Glenn Greenwald (phase 1) (39 comments)

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  •  Two words- Gary Webb. (10+ / 0-)

    For those of you old enough to remember, Gary Webb was the journalist who published details on the CIA's involvement in cocaine trafficking which helped finance Iran-Contra. He was hounded out of a job, most especially by the LA Times and other media outlets, and took his life in 2006.

    From Wikipedia,
    " Journalist George Sanchez states that "the CIA's internal investigation by Inspector General Frederick Hitz vindicated much of Gary's reporting and observes that despite the campaign against Webb, "the government eventually admitted to more than Gary had initially reported" over the years."

    Let's be alert to similar attacks on Greenwald.

    •  Thank you for this reminder about Garry Webb (4+ / 0-)

      He is one of my heroes, and so few know of him and how sad his end of life was as a result of those who did not want his investigative work known.

      •  The amazing thing to me was that NPR of all (0+ / 0-)

        places had the story on last week, which clued me in that he was getting "rehabilitated" (a little too late). And if NPR has such a story, it must be going around!

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