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    The goal, according to Petraeus, is for big data to "lead to automated discovery, rather than depending on the right analyst asking the right question." Algorithms pick out connections automatically from the unstructured sea of data they trawl.
    this is interesting. If this approach is seriously followed then it requires really that the whole flood of data about completely everyone is processed. If it is supposed to do automatic detection of otherwise unseen signals then it makes no sense just having this applied to a priori well known subgroups. At least thats how I read this.

    I get the growing impression that people need to change, in response to changing technology. People need to regard public life of any kind as recorded life and they need to redefine their sense of "privacy" as absence of means odf recording (i. e. any technical means). I guess this is the downside to the huge upside of connectivity through the new technical means. Yes it is great that satellites can record the movements of all cars of a country and better planning cen be done with that info. But people will need to also realize that their every appearance in public will be recorded through such means, whether anyone does something with it ir not. I dont think this has anything to do with terrorism - actual terrorists have age old means to be undercover and none of these tech things changes them. People will have to change how they look on life with other people though.

    This is in fact no different than what people have been living with in the eastern countries all the time. It´s livable - they did it and didnt stop to be humans - and it isnt the end of history, as has been proven there too.

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