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View Diary: David Brooks channels all of the Beltway down onto Edward Snowden's head (181 comments)

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  •  Ellsberg acted in an age (13+ / 0-)

    where there was such a thing as law. He had a reasonable chance of having the whole thing go to court and walking away with the court agreeing that he didn't violate the law.
       Under the "anti-terror" laws, though, the prosecution can use secret evidence against a defendant or have purported Israeli secret agents come in to court and testify against you. Since everything is against the law, they can pretty much convict you of something.
       In the al Arian case, the jury found the defendant not guilty of all but one charge: Giving material aid to terrorism. This charge stemmed from al Arian's giving assistance to a relative in obtaining a visa. Al Arian pled guilty to that in order to avoid jail time. The prosecution locked him up in a high security federal penitentiary as a material witness to some other persecution.
       Snowden did the right thing in fleeing the country. And identifying himself was a smart thing to do. Otherwise, he might end up with polonium in his tea.

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